Stihl Battery Powered String Trimmer FSA 45

String Trimmer FSA 45

A battery-powered trimmer with an integrated Lithium-Ion battery and the performance of STIHL. The FSA 45 features an integrated battery and is a great choice for occasional use in small environments. This STIHL AI Series trimmer is lightweight at only 5.1 lbs. (including battery), and includes PolyCutâ„¢ cutting blades with onboard storage. It also features an adjustable trimmer head and shaft, which can also rotate 90 degrees for easy edging. Plus, when fully charged, it has enough power to trim the length of over three football fields.

Product Details
  • Category:String Trimmer

  • Cut Width:9"

  • Weight:5.1 lbs

  • Run Time:12-20 mins