Stihl BG86 CE Handheld Blower

Handheld Blower BG86 CE

The STIHL BG86 CE features Easy2Start™ technology. Starting the engine is fast and easy – just a long slow pull of the start cord instead of a hard jerk. To make it even easier, this blower has the simplified starting system that incorporates a specialized stop switch that automatically returns to the start position, as well as a semi-automatic choke lever that helps prevent accidental flooding. And just like the BG 86, this blower comes with both flat and round nozzles for better versatility on the job.

Product Details
  • Category:Blower

  • Air Speed:141 mph

  • Weight:9.9 lbs

  • Power:0.8 kW

  • Fuel:14.9 oz